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Age: 28
Birthday: April 5, 1975
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Apr 18, 2004
Long Time...No Post

Hello everyone out there in blogland.  I apologize for not manintaining this very well, but golf season is upon me and I have been busy working and playing a game that I enjoy.  Anyway, things are going well here and wedding plans are moving along.  Sometimes I wish they were done and over with.  I am tired of making decisions and worrying all the damn time about this little thing and that.  Grrrr to society for making weddings SO damn confuckling.  HA!  Anyway, cheers and blessings to everyone and I'll do what I can to write a little more.  Laters.

Posted at 10:39 am by DJ_Gimpe_G
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Dec 19, 2003
A quick thought

One last quick thought....FUCK our city-counsel for passing the smoking ban.  Seriously, what a freaking joke.  Not that I really care about the smoking issue in the bars, christ, lets be a little more democratic about it, rather than segragate those that do smoke.  What a serious waste of time, money and air.  Who cares if it is a health issue, if I go to a bar, I expect to walk into a cloud of second hand shit, that fucks my system.  Can't be any worse than dealing with the carbon monoxide poisioning we get from cars, seriously, find something more appealing like dealing with the homeless population we have in our state's capital instead.

Posted at 12:03 am by DJ_Gimpe_G
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Dec 18, 2003
The Season is Upon Us...

Ahhhhh, tis the season for getting fat and being lazy, real hardcore American values, lest I forget, the single most important thing, football.  The bowl games have started and it looks to be a good postseason this year.  Well, unless you call a split championship a good season ender.  I for one, could care less, but I do know that the Sooners don't deserve a share of the National title. So GO TIGERS!!!  Anyway, we should remember that this is the time to be reflective on the good things that have happened to us this past year and a chance to be thankful for the good things in our lives.  Granted, this can be the worst of times for some families, but we should at least hope that something good will happen to them in the long run.  For those a little less forunate than those of us who are, Blessings to you, and I hope things will get better, if you allow them too.  As for the rest of us that have something to be thankful for, party like there is no tomorrow, and dance like wind that never stops blowing.  Happy holidays and I will see you all after the new year has begun.  Signing off for a little while.

Posted at 11:53 pm by DJ_Gimpe_G
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Dec 13, 2003
Nothing Major

Oh, yeh, nothing really to say and nothing really to write.  Guess I need more of a life, perhaps, I'll run right over to Target and buy one, wonder if they are on sale?  If not, maybe I should steal one.  I'll insert something into this space in a few days.

Posted at 10:36 pm by DJ_Gimpe_G
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Dec 8, 2003
To My Future Wife

To those of you who happen to know my fiancee, I say that you are lucky.  For those of you that don't, maybe you should.  She's a great woman.  Not only is she great, she fills my heart with a sense of realism that love can be found.  My divorce killed the very being I was.  I admit freely that I doubt I will ever be the same ever again.  I find myself a little colder, a littler harsher, a little meaner to the world around me.  Lately, I have seen myself change in a small way, maybe it's just some of the Holiday spirit of family and treasures in our lives that made me a little more thankful for what I have in mine.  I have a loving woman standing next to me, not behind me, and not in front of me.  She is perhaps the only real friend I have left in my life, and for that I am thankful.  Granted we have had our share of ups and downs, but if those hadn't happen, would we be the same as we are today?  I'm not sure, probably not.  I do know that just recently you have lit a candle in my heart and the flame is getting brighter and brighter.  I find a reason to fall in love with you everyday, even on our bad days.  I couldn't have asked for a better woman in my life than the one I already have.  It would be an honor to call you my wife, my love, my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, and future mom.  I love you BabyGirl and that is something you can cherish, now and forever. 

Posted at 01:19 am by DJ_Gimpe_G
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Dec 5, 2003
From Your Little Buddy Down Below: Mr. Dick

Hey Mister!!  Yeah you that thinks you have control over this mind down below.  The real mind tucked away in some whitey tighty undies, or hangs like a tool waitting for the first interesting thing to pop-up when your next door neighbor girl when she bends over.  I have a few things I'd like to discuss with you.

First, please, I beg of you, wash me gently, and treat me with care.  I go through a lot in a day, and smelling like half a shitball and half sweat is not real becoming.  So wash often, remember, it is your bar of soap and your wash cloth, so wash as fast and as long as you please.

Secondly, do not go placing me into areas that are normally reserved as shit alleys.  I'm already a certain color and really hate the idea of highlights that are tinted other than natural.  Remember, I don't like smelling like ass, why should you?

Thirdly, do not go placing me in something that rinks of rotting fish.  I ask, do you like to eat rotten fish for any meal of the day?  If your answer is no, then don't go putting me in a hole that rinks of catfish bait.

Fourthly, my best friend is already an asshole, so don't feel the need to be one yourself.

And last but not least, don't go shaving me.  I've worked all your life for the wonderful foliage that is bestowed down here, so stop getting rid of it.  And just because it's foliage, I am not a beach.  Crabs do not belong here, and really appreciate not having an itch that even grandpa couldn't kill off with a cortezone cream.

Feel free to send me any further comments if you wish to discuss these matters.  Remember, getting hit in the junk is no alternative mean to wishing you had bigger nuts than you actually have, and have a nice day.

Posted at 08:24 pm by DJ_Gimpe_G
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Dec 4, 2003
My Daily Salute

This is something I am going to try to do on a daily basis and it's going to be called my daily middle finger salute.  I will pick something out of pure randomn and give it a salute.  Here goes...

My middle finger salute goes to increased state taxes.

Here's to the state that want to tax gas prices even further so I can drive to work everyday.  Screw the state, like they don't have enough issues already.  Firing the Teasuer bitch that managed to yank almost a million in written checks into her vault and say, "Oh, how did those get there?"  When we have stupid shit like this, we the people get the dick in the ass.  Stupid state.

Posted at 10:20 pm by DJ_Gimpe_G
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Our City Proposed Smoking Ban

Ah, the daily grind has come to a close and I wish to crawl into bed to end another day, I offer a few opinions of my own to the great city of Lincoln, with a fully extended middle finger salute.

Why you may question do I extend such a vulgar display of affection towards the city in which I dwell?  Let me offer an incite to what the people in this city are being subjected to.

Recently, the City Council members thought it fit to create an ordinance that would be city wide in the form of a smoking ban.  This ban would eliminate smoking in all work enviroments, including restraunts and bars.  Now, they say they are doing this for the health of the workers in these establishments.  I say, they are taking away a simple choice as to the type of employment our beloved state wants to have, a healthy one.  To who or whom should it be there concern if I choose to work in a place, persay, a restraunt that has both a smoking and non smoking section?  Did I not freely choose to work in this environment, full knowing that I am subjecting my health to those around me?  I question yet further, if I am full aware of the potential health hazards, why should I even consider a job of the nature?

My answers reflect on the fact that being a college student, yet, not having a degree, I am confinded to working in such places in order to pay bills, have an apartment, a car payment, groceries, and even the occasion shirt or jeans to even wear to class.  I also answer because it's the only job that will fit my school work load, and that I can make damn good money on the weekends.  It's not a matter of choice, it's more like a lack of optitions for someone of my age.  Yet, we complain about the lack of service and how shitty the food actually is, maybe it's time to realize that people need these jobs just to survive, and perhaps I didn't spit in that soup you just ordered either.  OK, a little off the subject, but a more realitive look in how someone might actually view this situation.

So say the Council passes this ban, where would that leave the smokers?  Outside, of course.  In all likelyhood does this seem fair to Joe Millionaire who chose to suck down a cancer stick on his own accord after he has finished his meal?  Not hardly.  I view this as a underminded act of segragation.  Now wait a second.  I thought that the Supremem Court said at one point in time that segragation was illegal.  Is this not a milder form of such nature?  Of course it is.  And if you say it isn't because a smoker can freely chose when and where he or she smokes as an answer, I say you aught to be shot dead walking out the door to the restraunt you just ate at, and not be punished for the wrong doings I just did.  Now, you may say, that's a ludacris way of doing things, I question why not?  Did I not just save you from years of medical bills?  Did I not just save you from your child coming down with asthema and years of sucking on inhalers just so they can breathe the same toxic air you and I share everyday?  Of course I did as well as a life insurance policy that doubles it's premiums every year just to cover medical claims on a daily basis.

Now you may question if I even have a moral ground to even say something of that nature.  Of course I have a moral ground and it's simple as this: to each their own.  Joe A should have just as much say so if he or she wants a smoke in a bar, as Joe B has in walking into that bar an ordering a beer.  Joe B should be fully aware of the environment that they are placing themselves into and if they can't deal with the smoke in that bar, perhaps, they aught to visit the local liquor shop, buy our beer there and drink in the confines of there smoke free home.  At least it keeps Joe B from driving drunk after a few too many.

OK, so I may seem a little insinsitive to those who wish to see this ban go into effect.  I purpose this scenerio to further drive my point that this ban is one of complete stupidity.

In general we have laws that tell us what is right and what is wrong.  Killing is wrong. Stealing is wrong.  We have laws that protect us.  Emergency Orders of Protection from abusive spouses or parents.  Yet, do we really need a law, that protects us from do something out of free will?  That would mean a proposed ban on marriage, you have to wait until you are at least 30 to get married in this state.  Sound stupid?  Um, yes.  Or even better, how about a proposed ban on having sex.  You can't have intimacy in a relationship until you are at least 25, and then be required to carry a card and maintain it's currency with all the sexually transmitted dieases you have contracted and have been treated for, and if not surrendered to the party who questions your sexual history, you may be tossed in jail for sexual assult.  Sound stupid?  Of course, but if you allow something as lame as a proposed smoking ban, don't be surprised if something of this nature comes to a town near YOU!!!!!

Posted at 10:00 pm by DJ_Gimpe_G
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